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Roller Baller

DX Interactive

Game Description

Roller Baller is an isometric 3D rolling ball platforming game where players tilt the terrain to navigate a spherical character through courses filled with platforms, obstacles, and hazards while collecting pickup items and reaching the finish.

The ball navigates the angular passages via physics by controlling the surrounding environment angles rather than directly controlling itself. The goal is to roll to the end safely by manipulating angles and overcoming obstacles.

Roller Baller

How to Play Roller Baller


Mouse to tilt landscapes and manipulate gravity:

Left-click + Drag environments up/down to tilt Scroll wheel zooms view in and out

Arrow keys provide limited direct ball control.


Navigate roller ball to finish line by:

  • Tilting platforms to roll ball through passages
  • Using shippers to cross gaps and sharp angles
  • Collecting powerups for size/speed boosts
  • Avoiding deadly obstacles like spikes

Game Rules

  • Reach end goal before timer expires
  • Navigate entire course by manipulating angles
  • Gather powerups to aid passage

Tips & Tricks Roller Baller

  • Use momentum and gravity by pre-tilting
  • Find best angles that guide ball through smooth
  • Plan course tilts viewing entire landscape first
  • Utilize spring skippers strategically